WordPress Help

If you’re brand new to WordPress and this is your first time stepping inside the platform, you might feel overwhelmed, have no idea where to start, and worry it’s going to be too difficult to use. Or perhaps you feel underwhelmed and worry that such an ugly dashboard can only lead to the building of just-as-ugly websites.

First impressions, in this case, are deceiving. While other drag-and-drop website builder platforms might look more attractive and modern, and may seem easier to use on their face, they generally aren’t. Or they are, but the trade off is that they’re lacking crucial features. 

You also have to consider the quality of website you can build with these platforms. If you want to build a truly awesome website — one that looks beautiful, works great on all devices, and that users and search engines love — then it has to be built on WordPress.

And I can show you how.

Note: If you’re using TakeLessons for other kinds of tutoring, then feel free to sign up for my WordPress tutoring services there. Otherwise, keep reading to learn about the different types of tutoring — and at a discounted rate — that I offer here.

WordPress Tutoring & Assistance Options

I offer different types of WordPress tutoring and assistance:

Are you new to WordPress?

Then what you need is an introduction to the WordPress administration panel and key features. You’d also benefit from hands-on experience installing themes and plugins, creating new pages, uploading media, and optimizing for search, among other common tasks. 

During our sessions, we’ll start with the basics and keep working together until you feel comfortable enough to build and manage a WordPress website on your own.

We’ll meet over Zoom (or in-person in the Jacksonville area if you live nearby) for two-hour tutoring sessions. I’ll record each one so you have a resource to return to in the future. 

Cost: $50/hour

There are tens of thousand of free and premium WordPress themes out there. Each of which is built and managed by different developers.

So even if you’ve mastered a theme like Avada, that doesn’t mean you’ll have any idea how to use a theme like Astra or Divi.

If you’d like my help in finding the right WordPress theme for your website, I’d be happy to help. I’ve used hundreds of free and premium as well as popular and niche themes over the last decade. In addition, I have a lot of experience in discovering technical issues with themes, so I can save you the hassle of dealing with them.

On the other hand, if you’ve already bought a WordPress theme and  you’re struggling to get the hang of it or can’t figure out, let me know and we’ll work on mastering it together.

Cost: $75/hour

Unlike themes where you have a basic understanding of what you’re going to get and how they work, WordPress plugins can surprise you once you install them.

What’s more, plugins can wreak all kinds of havoc technically speaking. If you go installing too many plugins, they can slow your entire website down and hurt your search ranking. And if you install incompatible plugins, they can break your website and force your business to go offline until you can repair the issue.

If you’d like helping choosing plugins for your new WordPress website, I’d love to help. I’ve used and experimented with hundreds of plugins over the years and have a good sense for which ones are needed for different types of sites. 

I can also be of assistance if you’re having a hard time using your plugin, receiving the results you expected from it, or getting technical support from your developer.

Cost: $75/hour

Let Me Show You How Amazing WordPress Is

In addition to building countless websites with the world’s most popular content management system, I’ve written for leading publications, blogs, and agencies about WordPress for 10 years. I’ve also developed tutorials and courses that show people how to get more success from WordPress.

For example:

If you’re new to WordPress and want hands-on tutoring, or if you need technical assistance with the platform or your website, I’d like to help. Fill out the form below and tell me more about what you’re looking for and I’ll be in touch ASAP!