The Freelancer Toolkit



Over time, you’re going to develop systems that help you work faster and produce consistently high quality work. But why wait until that day to start working efficiently?

Many freelancers do the same things to keep their businesses running in tip-top shape. Manage their budget. Templatize their email responses. Create repeatable processes. So rather than recreate the wheel, why not leverage the templates, checklists, calculators, and other freelancing resources I’ve developed over the years?

The following resource pack will take you to a link in Google Drive where you’ll find all of your resources.

There are a couple reasons I’ve stored the resources in Google Drive. The first is so you can always have access to the latest resources — even after you sign up. The second is because this will allow you to download the files in your preferred formats.

In addition, you’ll get access to all of the ebooks and video courses I’ve created.

By the way, if you’re not sure about buying the whole kit, you can always go to the shop and buy a resource or two there to try them out. But if you ask me, the bundle here is a much better value. Here are the resources that you’ll currently find in the toolkit:

CategoryFile Name
Asana TemplatesNew Client Onboarding Template for Asana
Asana TemplatesClient Offboarding Template for Asana
Asana TemplatesSEO Blog Post Checklist for Asana
Asana TemplatesContent Writing Process Template for Asana
Asana TemplatesWeb Design Process Template for Asana
Asana TemplatesOnline Course Template for Asana
Business AdministrationBusiness Moving Checklist
Business AdministrationPersonal Task List
Business DocumentationGoal Planner & Tracker
Business DocumentationFreelance Business Plan
Business eBooksChoose the Right Domain Name and Hosting Plan
Business eBooksCreate a Business Logo You’re Proud Of
Content Marketing TemplatesBlog Post Template (with SEO Tips)
Content Marketing TemplatesContent Writing Process Checklist (Step-by-Step + Tips)
Email TemplatesEmail Templates
Finance ManagementClient Tracker (BONUS: Profitability Worksheet)
Finance ManagementPricing Sheet
Finance ManagementExpense Tracker and Organizer
Finance ManagementProfit Margin Calculator
Finance ManagementTax Calendar for Freelancers
Hiring & Firing GuidesHow to Fire a S***ty Client
Hiring & Firing GuidesHow to Spot a Bad Client
Hiring & Firing GuidesHow to Hire a Virtual Assistant
Website ChecklistsSEO Checklist for Websites
Website ChecklistsLocal SEO Checklist for Websites
QuestionnairesCase Study Questionnaire
QuestionnairesProspect Assessment Questionnaire for Designers
QuestionnairesProspect Assessment Questionnaire for Writers
QuestionnairesNew Client Questionnaire for Designers
QuestionnairesNew Client Questionnaire for Writers
Trello TemplatesNew Client Onboarding Template for Trello
Trello TemplatesClient Offboarding Template for Trello
Trello TemplatesContent Writing Process Template for Trello
Trello TemplatesSEO Blog Post  Checklist for Trello
Trello TemplatesWeb Design Process Template for Trello
Trello TemplatesOnline Course Template for Trello
Video CoursesChoose the Right Domain Name and Web Hosting Plan
Video CoursesCreate a Business Logo You’re Proud Of
Video CoursesBuild Your Website with WordPress
Video CoursesBuild a Search-optimized WordPress Website
Video CoursesAdd WooCommerce to Your Website & Turn It Into a Money-Making Machine
Video CoursesWrite Optimized Content in WordPress
Video CoursesFinding & Optimizing Images for WordPress

Recession-Proof Your Business

All of the templates, ebooks, calculators, and other resources in this store are available in my Freelancer Toolkit. Yeah, yeah, it’s a bit of a misnomer as really any small business owner, entrepreneur, or solopreneur can use it. 

Regardless, the toolkit is available for $15 and it comes with every resource in this shop PLUS video courses and tutorials to help you level up your online marketing efforts.