Prospect Assessment Questionnaire (for Writers)



Let’s face it: when someone needs help with writing content for their brand, they’re often not looking closely at who’s going to provide the solution. All they can think about is the outcome and how much better they’ll feel when they get it.

But you can’t possibly serve everyone and do so effectively. That’s why you have a specialty, be it the kinds of people you write for or the industry you target. That’s also why you only take on clients who can afford and will appreciate your services. So, rather than waste your time talking to every single person who thinks they need your help, why not vet your prospects before you get them on the phone?

With this writing prospect assessment, you can send interested prospects a list of questions that will help you determine whether or not they’re a good fit. You can even automate this process by adding it to your website (before or after someone fills out your contact form), saving you the trouble of having to send them the link yourself!

Recession-Proof Your Business

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