Freelance Business Plan


As a first-time freelancer or small business owner, you might not even be thinking about creating a business plan. After all, it’s just you running this ship, right?

But a business plan isn’t just something big enterprises or agencies put together so they can sell their companies to investors.

Having a freelance business plan can help you make better decisions for your business because you’re no longer just thinking about “Where the heck am I gonna get more clients??”. You’re also thinking about “If I make $10,000 every month this year, I can hire a virtual assistant and spend more of my time working on revenue-generating tasks.”

So, this is about getting organized and getting clear on what you’re doing today so that you can have an even better and more profitable tomorrow.

Use this freelance business plan template to create a clear identity and direction for your business. And feel free to return to it when you need a reminder of why it is you that do what you do or to adjust your future business strategy.


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