Client Tracker + Profitability Worksheet


One of the problems with running a small business — especially one that you’re running on your own — is that you don’t really need a CRM to keep track of clients. The software often becomes more work than it’s worth. Of course, as you scale your client list past a couple dozen, you’ll certainly want to log all of your clients and client activity within a CRM. But when you’re starting out, I don’t know if it’s worth complicating your business with another tool whose functionality you can’t use to the fullest.

That’s why I’d suggest using a client tracker spreadsheet instead. It’s a simple way to log the basic details of your current (and old) client list.

As a bonus, I’ve thrown in a profitability worksheet that directly connects to your client tracker. That way, as your client list and revenue grows, you have an accurate gauge of what your profit margins are and can make smarter business decisions as a result.