Buy a Web Hosting Plan and Domain Name [eBook]



You’re excited to create a website for your business, but you might be overwhelmed by this whole hosting and domain thing.

When I worked with web design clients, that was one of their top gripes and it’s totally fine if it’s yours, too. It can be really confusing if you’ve never dealt with web hosting or domain names before.

Here’s the trick:

Don’t get hung up on the technical aspects of your website. If you liken web hosting to the process of renting an apartment, it’ll be much easier to get through. Plus, if you have a seasoned veteran like myself guiding you through the process, it’s gonna go much more smoothly.

This 30-page ebook will take you through the following four lessons:

  1. Pick Your Domain Name
  2. Check Your Domain’s Availability
  3. Choose Your Web Hosting
  4. Buy Your Web Hosting Plan & Domain