Blood Hounds [A Short Story]


Have you ever wished there was a way your dog could live longer?

Caleb Marconi is a rising star in the pet industry thanks to the unique solution he’s developed for dog owners. In this sit-down interview with the Globe, Marconi talks about where he came up with the concept, why he doesn’t plan on expanding it past his cozy beach community, and why he’s scared of the competition.


Story Preview

Caleb Marconi is the founder of Blood Hounds, a company that specializes in turning man’s best friend into man’s lifelong friend. It’s a relatively new company, but it’s already begun to massively disrupt the pet industry. 

I spoke to Dr. Jane Huxley, a veterinarian based out of Brooklyn who also happens to provide care for my two Corgis, about what she’s seen in her practice: 

“After Forbes picked up the story about Blood Hounds, cancellations went through the roof. We lost about 75% of our clients that first week — and these were long-time clients, too. When we do get calls from existing or new clients, the first question they have is if we have someone on staff who can do that for them.”

As for what she plans to do about the lost business, she says the clinic will keep operating as usual. She believes that this is just a passing fad and there aren’t many dog owners who’ll want to go through with it once they realize how dangerous and difficult it is to care for a vampiric dog. 

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