33 Ways to Spot a Bad Client [Checklist]


It’s easy to rationalize bad behavior of a client when they’re paying your bills. But, the truth is, holding onto bad clients can cause a lot of problems for your business as your attention gets pulled away and your positivity and productivity are slowly drained by them.

The best thing to do is to learn how to spot a bad client before they ever enter your system, so you can say “Thanks, but no thanks.”

With this checklist, you’ll get to see what makes for a bad client, including:

  • The freebie seekers
  • The technophobe
  • The threatener
  • The boundary overstepper
  • The perpetually late payer

You can also use this list to figure out if any of the clients you currently have — the ones you suspect are hurting your bottom line, but aren’t sure — really are ones you need to let go of.


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