Frequently Asked Questions

I frequently write for small business owners, design publications, and other freelancers in the web design, marketing, and business management spaces. 

In addition, I’ve written for the following niches and people in the past: 

  • Restaurateurs
  • Consultants
  • High-profile entrepreneurs
  • Health and wellness providers
  • SaaS companies
  • WordPress plugin/theme companies

It never hurts to inquire even if you don’t fit within any of these categories.

That said, I will never take on work in the medical field or in other highly technical and specialized areas (like construction, AI, supply chain management, etc.). If I don’t have hands-on experience or extensive writing experience in your field, I should not be the person writing on behalf of your business.

It depends on what you need. Content writing for a small brand and writing monster-sized articles for a high-authority website are two very different things. 

That said, I do try to keep my fees reasonable and I offer discounts to clients who commit to 6-month contracts or longer.

My copywriting and content services page contains estimates, if you’re curious to see where pricing starts. Or you can fill out this questionnaire and receive a custom quote.

Short answer: Yes. 

Long answer: Yes, but my SEO services are very expensive. 

I know there are a lot of misconceptions out there about what SEO is. While I do light SEO on every piece of content I write for clients, my full SEO strategy covers it from all angles: on-page, technical, and off-site. 

If you’re interested in my SEO services, check out the different types of editing and optimization services I offer. Or if you need help troubleshooting existing issues with rankability, you can request an SEO audit.

I try to keep things as simple and hands-off as possible for my clients, but it all depends on what you need from me. 

What I will say is this: 

I provide a full service. So, if you hire me for content writing, you can expect me to do things like topic generation, outlining, and QA in addition to producing content for you. 

If you’d like to learn more about my services, fill out my contact form.

I get asked this all the time and my answer is always the same: 

I write recommendations based on tools and companies I know and trust. I don’t plant sponsored (or “partner”) links in my content. Not only is it unethical, but it’s in direct violation of the contracts I have with my clients. 

That said, I understand the importance of backlink building to establish authority when a business is new. If you want to learn how to generate backlinks the right way, take my course on it. 

Before I started my business, I helped a number of organizations dig themselves out of crises. The secret to my success? Lots of process development and documentation.​

So, the resources you see in the Shop are either fully editable templates or easy-to-follow guides that I’ve created to manage my own business as well as to help former clients with theirs. 

Yes, I am happy to take requests!

I’m always working on expanding my inventory of templates, ebooks, and other resources in the Shop.

However, if you think there’s a better way to accomplish something in your business and I don’t have a solution for it there, send me a request via the contact form. Let me know what the problem is and how you envision the problem being solved. I can probably create something for it!

I started freelancing in 2013. Initially, I did it to see if I could get paid to write — something many of the people in my life thought was a bad idea. Or, rather, it scared them to death. 

“Can you even earn enough money freelancing?”

“What about insurance? Sick days? Holidays?”

“What will you do if you fail?”

They were valid concerns, but I’d reached a breaking point in my life. I was tired of everyone telling me to take the safe route simply because it guaranteed a paycheck, benefits, and stability.

I was fucking miserable. Not only that, employment didn’t guarantee anything. It says so right in the contract: Employment-at-will. 

So what made it any more secure than freelancing? The truth is, you can experience more success and stability if you set yourself up the right way.

I have been freelancing for nearly 10 years. I have never been one to keep the knowledge I’ve acquired or lessons I’ve learned to myself. You can find them all around the web if you google my name. (Many top-tier publications and well-known entrepreneurs have paid me to write about them.) Or you can head over to the shop and leverage the resources I’ve created to streamline my operations. 

Absolutely not. AI is a plague on the marketing industry and should never have been adopted a trustworthy resource or substitute for writers.

AI content generators like ChatGPT are generative. That means that it takes a look that everything that’s ever been written or said on a topic and then spins up a seemingly high-quality summary and rewrite of it all.

If all you want is some superficial writing to fill the pages of your website, then by all means go with an AI writer. If what you want is something authentic, authoritative, and original, then you need to hire a professional content writer. Not only that, but it needs to be someone who understands your business and goals as well as you do.

So, again, I do not use AI in any aspect of my work nor will I ever. And neither should you. At some point, the search engines will start penalizing websites for using what amounts to plagiarized content. So I’d advise that you steer clear of AI.