Freelancer Mentoring Services

Do you crave more professional freedom? Are you tired of working for shitty bosses? Do you want more control over your financial future? Or maybe you lost your job and need something to hold you over for the time being?

There are a lot of people who recognize the benefits of striking out on their own. And when I say benefits, what I’m really talking about is freedom. 

The freedom to work: 

  • Wherever you want
  • Whenever you want
  • How much you want
  • With the right kinds of clients
  • For the right amount of money

And to have complete control over it.

That said, there are more people than ever before becoming freelancers and starting their own businesses. As the competition grows at an accelerated pace, your ability to hit the ground running is going to be absolutely critical to your survival and success in this environment. 

Now, you could pay a business coach or mentor a stupid amount of money to help you out. But speaking from personal experience, these services are way too expensive and you’re not likely to see a return on your investment for months (if that). Plus, if they haven’t been where you are today, the advice they give isn’t going to be great and, many times, it borders on shady. 

Let me present you with an alternative solution: Let me guide you.

What the Heck Do I Know About Mentoring?

Over the years, I’ve been contacted by referrals, readers, prospects, and even existing clients who’ve wanted to know: “How do you do it?”. 

It makes sense. They trust me to give them insights and advice on web design, SEO, and marketing. Why wouldn’t they ask for my personal insights into freelancing and starting a small business?

Some of the articles I’ve written answer different aspects of this question. For instance:

You might be wondering why I don’t just suggest you sit down and read (or watch) content like this. 

Honestly, you could. But no one article is going to answer everything for you. Instead, Google will become your best friend any time you hit a roadblock and you’ll end up spending more time perusing the web for help than actually running your business. 

What’s more, you can’t afford to learn every lesson by making a mistake first. That’s where a guide with first-hand experience doing what you want to do comes in handy.

Small Business & Freelancer Mentoring Services

I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk every freakin’ day. It’s just me. At home. With my computer. Making s*** happen. 

If you want to make s*** happen for yourself, you can. You can do it the hard way like I did and try to figure it all out on your own. Or… 

You can use my mentoring services. 

Think of me as a therapist for freelancers and small business owners. I’m not going to force you to meet with me once a week or over a dedicated timeframe though. 

When you have questions, when you need help working yourself out of a jam, when you want to complain about the icky parts of running your own business, simply book a session with me. We’ll work through your problems and ensure that you either have a solution in hand at the end of the session or a plan for getting there ASAP.

I charge $75 per session and you get an hour to go over whatever you want. As a bonus, I’ll give you access to all of my small business templates

Contact me below if you’re interested in scheduling your first mentoring session.