Drive Better Traffic to Your WordPress Website [30-minute SEO Course]

Now that you have the perfect search-optimized framework for your WordPress website, it’s time to fill it with content that’s optimized for search. In my new course, you’ll learn how to do just that and drive better traffic to your website as a result.

Drive Better Traffic to Your WordPress Site with Optimized Content

Why should you care about this? Well, the primary reason is this:

If Google loves your content, then Google will love your website. And when you keep the Google gods happy, your WordPress website will shoot up in rankings as a result.

That’s why I spent so much time harping on that point in this Skillshare course: How to Build a WordPress Website… That Google Will Fall in Love With.

But there’s another reason for this and it pertains specifically to the content you write for your WordPress site:

Google will help drive better traffic to your WordPress site.

Let me explain:

It’s not enough to write accurate descriptions of your business or to create engaging blog posts. Google’s bots need to be able to scan your content and instantly understand what it’s about.

By writing search-optimized content, Google can quickly identify what the page is about, the quality of the content, as well as how relevant it is based on a user’s search.

Your website can then be more effectively paired to search users’ queries, which means you’ll drive better traffic to your site as a result of all this work.

Why does this matter? It’s like any other engagement you have with prospects in business. In other words:

Why waste your time making introductions to prospective customers/users/readers if they’re not likely to convert?

Learn How to Write Optimized Content for WordPress

In just a couple weeks, my new course “Write Optimized Content for Your WordPress Site and Drive Better Traffic to It” will publish on Skillshare.

Drive Better Traffic to WordPress with SEO Post Template

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