Website Consulting Services

Whether you’re a business owner, a freelance content writer, or a web designer, you’re here for the same reason. You’re struggling with your website (or your clients’ sites) and need help figuring out what’s wrong. 

Let me get one thing straight: 

When you build a website and create content for it, you do so for two audiences: 

  1. The people you serve (e.g. customers, clients, users, subscribers, etc.).
  2. Google (or, rather, the Google bots that index and rank your content).

So, it’s not enough to have a great business idea. Or to be a skillful creator. Or to know which keywords you want to rank for. 

Websites require a careful approach and sometimes it takes an outsider to help you see clearly when something isn’t exactly right. 

One-on-One Consulting Services

For those of you who’ve had enough and want to hand over the copywriting, content writing, or search engine optimization to someone else, get the process started now.

If you feel like a one-on-one audit of your copy, design, or SEO is all you need, then you may need my consulting services instead:

Do visitors bail within seconds of seeing your content?

Poor grammar and spelling. Irrelevant topic choices. Improper content formatting. We’ll identify the underlying issues.

Cost: $75/session

Does your website fail to capture leads or sales?

The bar is set very high for websites. So, don’t be surprised if a design that worked a year ago is already out of fashion.

Cost: $75/session

Does your site look great, but get no love from Google or other search engines?

There’s more to SEO than keywords. On-page, off-page, and technical SEO all play significant roles in your site’s search ranking.

Cost: $75/session

Tired of Your Website Going Unnoticed and Unread?

My one-on-one consulting services cost $75 per session and include the following: 

  • A 1-hour Zoom session with me.
  • Discussion of your specific concerns.
  • Walkthrough of your website and the specific area of focus (copy, design, or SEO).
  • On-the-spot analysis of your problem areas and why they’re happening  (so you can avoid them in the future).
  • An action plan for fixing your site.
 After the session ends, I’ll provide you with a recording of our Zoom call as well as a high-level overview of what we talked about in writing. 

Contact me below if you’re interested in scheduling your consulting session.