How to Build a WordPress Website Google Will Love [1-Hour Course]

To be honest, I filmed this class about how to build a WordPress website for Skillshare because I was tired of hearing people say:

“I hate WordPress.”

Charlie Murphy Teaches WordPress Class
That and Charlie Murphy was insisting that he be allowed to teach the class. So I really had no choice but to step in.

I’ve worked professionally with WordPress for about six years and was building websites for myself long before that with this content management system. So, I get it. For someone like me, building a WordPress website is a cinch. But I don’t think it’s impossible to master, even if you’re new to it.

How to Build a WordPress Website Google Will Love

The key to conquering WordPress and enjoying the process of building and managing your website is to do so in a way that gets you results in Google search. (If there’s no ROI after all that time you spent on it, of course, you’re going to be frustrated!)

What many new WordPress users fail to understand is this: no amount of keywording will help your site appear on the first search engine results page if you don’t do anything else to it.

Google wants websites to be:

  • Responsive (mobile-friendly)
  • Secure
  • Speedy
  • Built for the best user experience possible

There are other things you have to do in terms of writing content, but I’ll cover that in future courses.

Teaching My WordPress Class
Even after teaching this WordPress class, I am still camera shy.

For now, I’ve created this WordPress class around the idea that all this technical stuff–the coding, the design, the security and speed–matters just as much to Google as the words on the page.

Stay Tuned for More WordPress Classes and Tips

If you’re interested in watching the course and using it as a guide as you build a WordPress website (for yourself or for clients), subscribe to Skillshare so you can get started. This one is called: “Build Your Website with WordPress… and Make Google Fall in Love with It!“:

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