About Suzanne Scacca

You’re probably wondering: 

Why the heck should I care about Suzanne Scacca?

Eh, I don’t know that you need to. I prefer to work like a ghost in the machine of your business, churning out high-quality content with very little for you to do besides review it and, when ready, approve it. 

However, we need to make sure this is a good fit before you schedule a call with me. So, let me give you a quick look at what I’ve done and why I now do what I do.

You wanted to know about Suzanne Scacca...

If you got through my story above, then you’re probably wondering what happened with that agency?

Well, I learned everything I could about WordPress and web design in order to save it

When I saw what could happen when you actually use WordPress the way it’s supposed to be, I decided that was where I needed to be. The content management system was capable of doing amazing things for businesses, but only if they had the right people and processes supporting it.

So, I quit my job and launched my writing business full-time in 2016. 

I love what I do now. I get to speak to an audience who truly understands the pain caused by bad practices that agencies, designers, and other creative professionals commonly adopt. Then, I get to show them some of the best practices I’ve tested and refined over the years as well as those I’ve picked up in my daily research of WordPress and web design trends. 

At the end of the day, it feels good to be able to teach others how to create a better online experience for their consumers

Interested in Working Together?

Not so fast. 

I know it’s exciting to find someone who can take care of the time-consuming and stressful task of writing content for your website. However… 

I’m not always the best fit for everyone. So, here’s what you need to do.