I can hardly contain my excitement!

Tomorrow is the first day of September. The leaves are starting to change their color. And I can feel the crisp fall temperatures sneaking into the morning air. I gotta have it all right now! Because when it’s September… That means it’s pretty much fall… And then Halloween is right around the corner! I have been living in eternal summer for the last two years. I’m so ready for some freakin’ fall, it’s not freakin’ funny anymore.

Aaah, fall. That perfect season where stuffing your face full of food as you dress up like an idiot and watch (scary) movies is perfectly acceptable. What more can I say? The fall was made for me.

With this being my first year in quite some time back to normal seasons, I have a lot of fall activities I’m hoping to check off of my 2015 bucket list:

  • Hannibal Charlie

    This is Charlie “dressed up” as Hannibal Lecter at the vet.

    Run through a pile of leaves with Charlie

  • Wear a scarf by mid-October
  • Drink hot apple cider by the end of September
  • Spike some hot chocolate with Bailey’s by November
  • Go to at least one haunted house (this is the one I have my sights set on right now)
  • Visit Salem during Haunted Happenings
  • Go for a drive through the country to see the changing leaves
  • Pick fruit for a pie that I will make/bake from scratch
  • Watch at least three scary movies and/or TV shows every week until Halloween
  • Finish at least three horror or science fiction novels by Halloween
  • Make my boyfriend carve pumpkins with me (because his always turn out much better than mine)

Jack-o-lanternI’ve got a lot of hopes and dreams for this upcoming fall season. Unsurprisingly, most of them have to do with food. I generally spend a good chunk of the summer only wanting to eat ice cream because super cold food doesn’t make me nauseous (and because I have an awful sweet tooth). When the fall comes though, it’s game on. These are the top foods I (and any normal, well-adjusted Northeasterner) look forward to once the weather starts getting cooler:

  1. Pie
  2. Chicken pot pie
  3. Pumpkin pie
  4. Any kind of pie really
  5. Poutine
  6. Hot alcoholic beverages
  7. Steak tips (I think that’s just a Boston thing, but I crave them every year in the fall)
  8. Pumpkin-flavored anything (don’t be a hater)
  9. Casseroles
  10. Heavy soups and stews (gummmmmboooooo!)
  11. Candy
  12. Roasted pumpkin seeds
  13. Hot turkey sandwiches (like from Capriotti’s)
  14. Fried dough (for all the fall-time fairs out there)
  15. Apples

What do you think? Do you agree with the list? Anything to add? Any suggestions on good fall activities (food-related or otherwise) that are worth doing during the fall in the Northeast?