One of the first things I do when I move to an area is figure out where the best places to eat are. I’d say that applies to everyone, but I’ve known quite a few people who are more concerned with the best hikes, the best gyms, the best bars, etc. Me? I’m a foodie. Find me the good shit!

Google Maps and Yelp are helpful when it comes to finding those local eateries you might not otherwise consider because you’re blinded by the bright and shiny chain and fast food restaurants. I tend to rely on word-of-mouth when it comes to finding the hidden gems (a.k.a. the really good shit). When moving somewhere without knowing a soul though, it’s hard to find mouths willing to give you that information so quickly or easily.

Luckily, we’re living in a day and age where social media serves as a substitute for in-person interactions and communications (normally I’d complain about this, but when it comes to food, I’m willing to make exceptions). If you do enough searches online, visit enough websites, and ask around about a local area, you’re bound to found those special places.

One such place passed my way on Facebook recently. It’s called Global Taco and they’re a food truck serving our local area. So I checked out their website and thought I’d give them a try if it were convenient enough for me. I subscribed to their text alerts and discovered that they were going to be right up the road today at lunch time. I’ve been craving Mexican food since we left Florida and was disappointed to find there aren’t any Mexican restaurants around here (unless you count Chili’s or Taco Bell among their ranks). So with the convenience of this taco truck and their fanfare online, I decided to give them a shot.

Global Taco truck

Charlie loves Global Taco.

After talking to the friendly girl working inside the truck about how their ordering system works, I got a “mini” American taco plate: two American tacos (soft shell, beef), black beans, corn salsa, and white rice. I was a bit confused about the rice at first, but it made sense once I tasted the salsa and the sauce on the meat. It was really great at offsetting the spice of it all. It also went really well with the beans. (Charlie liked the rice, too, so he helped me eat some of it.)

Global Tacos

Look at those perfect swirls! It’s like they’re saying, “I look like a Hostess cupcake! Eat me NOW!”

Overall, I’m really quite pleased with my first Global Taco adventure. The tacos were delicious and yet felt very light as I ate them. They weren’t over-saturated with sour cream or cheese or meat. They were the perfect balance of flavor, and I think they may be the best tacos I’ve ever had.

My plans for the summer? I can probably manage my way through all of their taco offerings, though I think I may skip the Egyptian since falafel and my stomach never go well together. I can just substitute their special ice cream taco for the Egyptian and call it good!