One of my favorite things to do is make plans—come up with the idea, set up all the details, and implement.  I get paid to make plans five days a week and nothing brings me more joy at work than when a plan goes off without a hitch.

The same can be said for the version of me that exists outside of work hours.  I just love planning.  I think part of it is because the OCD side of me loves the structure and control of it all.  But then there’s the other side of me that loves to dream about the future, and making plans does just that.

Is there anything I love more than planning?  Sure.  I love road trips.  And is there anything I love more than road trips?   Yep.  Food. You combine all three, and you’ve got a very happy me.

Vito's Pizza

This is me getting ready to eat the pizza of my dreams in Wethersfield, CT. Grated cheese all the way, baby! This is me drunk in the bathroom of some elementary school-turned-brewery/restaurant in Colorado Springs. This is me taking a picture of real Philly cheesesteaks that I should have been eating instead. This is a salad I had in a little town outside of Sequim. I hadn’t had those Chinese restaurant-style crunchies since 2001, so I was very excited about this! This is a serious San Antonio barbeque feast. I was sick as fuck when I ate it, but I could still tell that it was the best BBQ I’d ever had.

Road trips are awesome.  They are the spice of my life.  And with enough planning and preparation, you can always make sure you accomplish your main goals within the allotted time.

What I’ve found though is that it’s really hard to plan for food.  No matter how much research or planning I do, I just can’t seem to make proper preparations for food.

  • Take for example this trip we planned to California.  Since we were doing the theme parks which are crazy expensive, we wanted to cut costs in other areas and thought that eating breakfast at the hotel every day would help.  But when they give you a banana, apple, yogurt, and chocolate chip granola bar every day, that gets real old pretty quickly.
  • Then there was the time we were planning our roadtrip from Seattle to Florida, and I wanted to do lunch with my friend Jen in Kansas.  We had to leave my boyfriend’s place by a certain time in the hopes of meeting her around a decent lunch timeframe.  However, I forgot to take into consideration that I have the world’s smallest bladder and that there are such things as time zones.  So we definitely didn’t make it there on time for lunch.
  • And finally, there was the time my friend Nina and I planned on driving to a rodeo up near Austin when we were visiting San Antonio.  I became deathly ill like an hour before we even got on the plane and was voiceless most of the trip, so by the time we got to the day of the rodeo I couldn’t move from the room.  And even though I usually make it my policy not to eat any real meals on trips at restaurants I’ve been to before (fast food doesn’t count), I let Nina pick us up some Olive Garden.

So yeah, on our upcoming drive from Florida to New York, I’m not really going to put any solid food plans in place.  We’ll book the hotels and maybe hope to see some cool landmarks and random stuff along the way, but food I’ll just have to play by ear…  Maybe.  I do have my eyes set on a couple things right now:

This’ll be my first time doing a road trip with a dog, so we’ll definitely have to take that into consideration.  If you have any suggestions on dog-friendly restaurants or food options between Florida and New York (state), please let me know!