I cook dinner for us (me and my boyfriend; Charlie gets kibble and canned wet food) almost every night.  After a long day of work though, it can be really exhausting to prepare anything other than some pasta and tomato sauce or a couple grilled cheese sandwiches.  And that shit gets old real quick.

My favorite day of the week ends up being whatever day my boyfriend or the T.V./internet/magazine/movie inspire me to do “The Cheat Day”.  Oh god, I love the cheat day.  And it’s as simple as this:

Me:  I think I’m gonna make us eggplant and zucchini parm tonight.

Boyfriend:  Mmmm!  That sounds good.  [5-second pause.]  You know what I’ve been craving?  Burgers.

Why oh why why why did he have to say that?  Seriously, that's all it took.  "Burgers."

Me:  When did we last have a cheat day?

Boyfriend:  We were bad this weekend.

Me:  What?  When?  I don’t even remember the last time we had a cheat day.

Boyfriend:  We had pizza twice.

Me:  Not me.  I think we had our cheat day Friday.  That was awhile ago.  [Today is Tuesday.]

Boyfriend:  I think we had Thai recently, too.

Me:  Nuh-uh.  I think we had that like last Monday or something.  [5-second pause where I think we were both waiting to see which one was going to cave.]  Wanna do burgers tonight?

Charlie was on board.

Freddy’s is our go-to down here for real cheat days (as opposed to not-so-real cheat days where we eat turkey wraps or sushi).  My boyfriend gets the #6 and Dirt N’ Worms.  I get the #1 and The Signature Turtle.  If you’re ever in the area, make sure to stop by a Freddy’s.  I didn’t think I’d like a steak burger, but it’s a great alternative to the Big Mac.  Just make sure to put the fry sauce onto the burger, otherwise, all you’ll have is mustard.