I’ve been into Thrillist and BuzzFeed a lot lately.  They’re great at providing quick distractions and I feel like I can rely on them to teach me at least one interesting fact a day.

So today I got an email from Thrillist with a link to a video called “Chicken with Pears”.  It said it was Christopher Walken in the video.  I was super excited though a bit skeptical considering how grainy the picture looked in the preview.  I opened up the video and, yep, it was indeed Mr. Walken:

I knew he had some sweet dance moves, but I hadn’t expected much in the ways of culinary talent.  He’s a big-time movie star, after all.  He’s probably got assistants and maids and cooks who handle all of that for him, right?

Apparently, that’s not the case.

I was curious and did a search on YouTube for “Christopher Walken Cooking” and I found this gem:

Again, I was hesitant to think that there would be another great cooking video out there of Christopher Walken.  Funny or Die proved me wrong (again, another great site that I like to visit for quick distractions).  If you haven’t watched the video yet, take a moment and then come back here.

Did you watch it?  The whole thing?  Cool.

This video just made my weekend even though the weekend started 28 minutes ago.  This is why:

  • It looks like a great recipe.  He prepares the same chicken (soaked in salt) dish from the Thrillist video, but this time with some Old Bay.
  • Who would’ve thought pears could ever be put to good use?  They’re seriously like the worst fruit, but he makes it look really appetizing.
  • This time he’s got Richard Belzer and two girls—who look like they came straight out of a Robert Palmer video—along for the ride.  I was totally Addicted to Love back in the day.
  • It’s awesome seeing those two guys in a grocery store and kitchen.  They’re just so fucking pimp, even when doing mundane stuff like this.  Plus, the accents.
  • He lives in a swoon-worthy house in Connecticut.  The home of the greatest pizza ever.
  • From 4:03 to 4:49, Christopher Walken looks so concerned with that girl’s lack of wine-opening skills.  But then he saves the day.

‘Cause Christopher Walken is the fucking man and makes everything better.  Even chicken.