I’m sitting here in the dark of the living room watching American Horror Story, hoping this season is good.  The first season was great, Asylum sucked major ass, and Coven was pretty good.  So far, Freak Show has me feeling pretty meh.  Maybe all this means is I need to stick to AHS when it takes place in the present day.

The Hankering

So while I sit here watching the show I desperately want to like, I’ve got a mean hankering for chocolate that I’m fighting the urge to give in to.  Normally, I don’t keep dessert in the house.  If it’s not here, then I can’t eat it, right?  But my cravings have been really bad lately, so I’ve been keeping Dove chocolates around to curb them.

Dove’s the best.

Have you ever had a Dove chocolate?  You’ve got to get the individually wrapped ones like the one to the left.  They’re like the American version of Baci in that they’re absolutely delicious and you get an inspirational message inside with each one.  And the chocolate?  It’s so smooth!

I remember the first time I saw a Dove bar at the store, I laughed.  What has the world come to when a soap maker is creating chocolate, I thought.  I bought it just so I could go around and tell people I ate soap-chocolate.

Obviously, I don’t tell anyone that now because Dove makes the most absolutely delicious chocolate bars.  Milky Way, 100 Grand, Russell Stover’s milk chocolate coconut clusters…  Their texturized flavors were all a favorite at one point, but Dove has surpassed them all with its simplicity.

If you haven’t tried soap-chocolate, go out and do so now.

Something More

I had my Dove ration for the day and am still left feeling like I need something more.  When I was at Walgreens earlier picking up some stuff, I picked up some treats for our movie date-night tomorrow.  My boo gets a soda and a box of Hot Tamales.  I usually get myself a box of Sno-Caps I’ll eat with popcorn (that’s the only time you’ll see me eat them).  However, I had a feeling I’d want something different, something that didn’t require a salty bag o’ popcorn.  So I got Oreos.

Double Stuf, yo.

So yeah, I did what you’d expect me to do:  I poured myself a glass of Lactaid milk, put half of the box of Oreos (only a single sleeve!) onto a plate, and sat down to eat while I watched my show.  The Oreos are gone and my yearning stomach is satisfied.  But my eyes, my ears, my brain…  Ugh, why can’t this show be good this season?