I was doing some research recently for an article I wrote for Dineability and was shocked at how much technology is changing the restaurant industry.  There’re apps for the diners, waiters, chefs, and management…

When did all this happen and how did I not notice?  It’s like I was earmuffing it these last few years and didn’t notice the dining revolution going on around us.

Would you use your smartphone to pay for your meal?  Would you rather interact with a touchscreen kiosk than a server?  Call me old school, but I worry that all this technology is going to detract from the whole dining experience.

Sure, sometimes it’s not that great of an experience and leaves you wondering if your waiter even deserves 18%.  But what about the truly great experiences?  We were just at Margaritaville over the weekend and had the perfect experience once we were seated.  Our waiter talked just the right amount, gave us some interesting insider information on Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, and our food and drinks were absolutely delicious.  I just don’t know if the convenience of the smartphone or tablet can replace that.  Is there an opt-out button for this?