We’ve been in our new home for a couple weeks now. The hill/mountain backdrop is beautiful, the people seem friendly and honest, and there are two Friendly’s restaurants within a 5-minute drive of us. Life seems pretty good right now, though I still feel a bit unsettled. I think it’s because that natural comfort that comes with really living somewhere isn’t there yet.

I was surprised today when I ventured out grocery shopping (a chore I usually despise) and found an hour’s worth of relaxation and happiness.


WegmansBefore we moved here, I did my research. I did Google searches, social media searches, and even studied the map of our area pretty intensely so the change in address wouldn’t be so drastic. One of the common threads I found in all my searches was to go to Wegmans.  They claimed that Wegmans was the best. That Wegmans had everything. That Wegmans would make you feel better about life. (Okay, maybe I added that last one in to bolster my argument here.)

There were a few things I was dead-set on doing as soon as we moved here:

  • Get burgers at Red Robin (yummmm!) – DONE
  • Get a Reese’s Pieces Sundae from Friendly’s – DONE
  • Get some Rita’s – In progress
  • Attend an Italian festival – Haven’t found one in the area, so may need to go down to Philly for that
  • Visit Watkins Glen for the falls and gorges – Not yet, but definitely planning on it
  • Find a true Italian bakery – Think I found it, just need them to be open at a convenient time
  • Shop at Wegmans – DONE, DONE, and DONE

I drove down to Wegmans today feeling not so excited about having to go grocery shopping, but intrigued at the prospect of going to the best/biggest/craziest grocery store in the country. All the claims they make about this place? Completely true!

I walked in to one of the most immaculate, well-stocked, and freshest-looking produce sections I’ve ever seen. (Got me a whole bunch of veggies!)

There was the sushi and sub shop to my right, but I decided to pass since I didn’t want to carry that around throughout the store and have it be not so fresh once I got home. (Note to self: will need to plan accordingly next week, so we an make a lunch out of their offerings.)

Deli and cheeses were up ahead. (Blue cheese, please!)

Then on to the organics. (Normally, I just pass on all that healthy-schmealthy food, but it looked great and the prices are unbelievable!)

The meat section was at the way-back. (I wanted to skip the meat so we could have a vegetarian-ish week, but I discovered that they had Dogfish Head sausages. Dogfish Head rocks my world, though not as much as Iron Hill. IH, when you gonna make your own sausage?)

Shopping TripI expected that to be the end of my journey, much like any other Whole Foods/Fresh Market/healthy grocery store. But it wasn’t. Once you get out of the meat section, the store opens up into a huge-ass, standard grocery store. I couldn’t believe it. As I drove my oversized cart through the aisles, I was surprised at how cheap everything was! They had all our normal brands and at much cheaper prices than usual. Needless to say, I went a little overboard, but I think it was worth it!


Wegmans, where have you been all my life? You’ve provided me with the perfect outlet to cover ALL of my shopping needs in one place, at a reasonable price, and with really great service!