Do kids go trick-or-treating anymore?  I figure with three-year-olds knowing how to use iPads better than they know how to speak, they probably won’t even be interested in going door-to-door to collect candy, right?  They can just eat the bags of candy their parents bought them while they play a trick-or-treat game on their mobile phone.

Sure, that’s a little bitter, but it’s a valid question, right?  Does the new generation of kids who are connected to devices straight out of the womb still seek out that sort of childish, in-person revelry during the Halloween season?

Back when I was a kid, I prepared for Halloween for months.  And when it finally arrived, I’d dress up as some scary something-or-other, pull out my candy basket from the closet, and prep a fresh pillow case that my parents would take turns holding as I dumped my bucket full of candy into it time and time again.  That was always a lot of fun.  Sometimes I wish it was kosher for adults to go trick-or-treating.

So I received an email from Cooking Light earlier today promoting this slideshow which was what got me thinking about trick-or-treating in the first place.  The slideshow itself isn’t what I thought it would be (it’s just a collection of Halloween candies and how much fat is in them), but it’s got my mouth watering for the best that Halloween has to offer.

  1. Mounds:  Coconut is the best thing.  Ever.  Make sure to squeeze the candy bar between your fingers gently before you commit though.  Stale Mounds (ones that feel more solid than squishy) are no good.
  2. Kit Kat:  Wafers are awesome.  Whoever thought of putting a wafer inside chocolate is my hero.
  3. Twix:  I like to keep my tastes are all over the board so I don’t miss out on any one particular candy feature.  Caramel inside a candy bar is great, but it’s even better after it’s been refrigerated for ten minutes.
  4. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup:  I could’ve gone with Reese’s Pieces, but honestly, I’ve never been all that crazy about candy with the thin, crunchy outer layer unless it was on top of my ice cream.  The single cups are the way to go.
  5. Nerds:  NERDS!  Who doesn’t love nerds?  Especially the boxes that have two flavors separated by a single wall that runs down the middle.  Then you have the choice to mix them if you open both of their slots at the top of the box at the same time.  Awww!  Nerds 🙂

There’s plenty of other goodies that Cooking Light has called out, but none that make me so happy as this mix.  If I’m ever a famous author working at a book signing (or you just so happen to know me in real life), bring me all these candies and I’ll be your best friend.  Bring me a PayDay or Sugar Daddy, and to that I say, “Good day.”