While I can’t say that I’m technically qualified to write speculative fiction, what sort of fiction writer really is? We start with a little bit of what we know and then weave our fantastic tales from that point. I write about the stuff that scares me, that shows up in my dreams, and that even tickles my funny bone. I just hope there’s an audience for what I’m putting out there.

Once Upon a Time



After way too many years working of as a desk jockey, I decided to take my frustrations out on my notebook. This story about work nightmares, misspellings, and intolerable bosses is what came of that. I haven’t really shopped this one around yet because it still strikes too close to home (for now).


This is my baby. It originally started out as a short story back in 2014. I workshopped it at the Peripatetic Writer’s Retreat in 2015 where I received a lot of helpful feedback and some encouragement to turn it into a full-length novel. Two years and three-and-a-half revisions later, I’m almost done with it. If you have ever had a weird doctor’s appointment and like to imagine the possibilities of tech in the future, this’ll be something I’d encourage you to stay tuned for.

“I’ve Scene It”

I originally wrote this story a couple years ago to try and sort out any fears I had about the future of video games (and technology, in general). This story is done and will kick off my short story collection, Even If It Hurts.


Just a tease...

Jennie took a deep breath, tried to relax her muscles, and felt her body pulled into the projection where a slight tingling sensation took over.

Once fully inside, she stood in a grayish orb. She could see her apartment in the background but it looked darker, somehow further away. The orb she stood in flashed the same red light she saw earlier. She looked to the left and saw Steve step into Chris Harper’s projection. As soon as his body was fully in place, the blinking red lights went away and she heard three soft beeps from behind her. The gray orb suddenly turned her apartment into a highway turnoff where she stood with Chris Harper.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Steve/Chris threw a punch to the left side of Jennie/Sly’s face. She felt a tingle on her cheek just as the punch landed in the movie. She felt a strong force pull her body horizontal, leaving her looking at the pavement and dirt. Jennie put her hands on the gravel and attempted to push herself up. She was helped along as she felt that same strong force pulling her back up. It was Steve/Chris who had grabbed her by the collar of her shirt.

“Please… Lemme go, man. I didn’t do anything!” She could feel her mouth moving, but the voice that came out of it was Sly’s. She began to sweat and shake as she remembered what happened next.

“You planted that bomb in the schoolyard, didn’t you?” Steve/Chris dragged her body over to the railing that overlooked the edge of the highway. She felt a tingling from head-to-toe as her body dragged along the gravel and dirt.

Steve/Chris momentarily let go of her feet. She stood up and turned to make a run for it. Her body went horizontal again as she received a punch to the back of the head. She didn’t feel the punch. All she felt inside the game was a series of tingles. That was when she remembered what happened next in the movie.

As they got to the edge of the cliff, Jennie was lifted up by her ankles so that she hung over the cliff. Steve/Chris maintained his grip on her ankles, with one hand gripping each. Jennie tried to close her eyes to the scene but her body would only allow her to do what Sly’s did. She was suspended upside-down and, when she looked down, she didn’t see their apartment’s beige carpet. She saw the rocky canyon below.

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